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Sunday, 24 February 2013

Winter Running

Winter is always the time when runners are supposed to put in the long slow miles, in order to build up a base of cardiovascular endurance that can be built upon in the coming months to bring them to their peak for races in the Spring.

I'm running the Paris marathon in April, and my plan had always been to build up my weekly mileage, and our mild winter over the Christmas period meant that this wasn't doing too badly but now we're getting a lot of snow, and the miles are dropping off.

My dog loves the snow, but it makes it hard to rack up the miles
I went out this morning and barely managed 5km in thigh deep powder snow. Even the roads that had been ploughed in the early hours were snowed up.

I guess that this is all doing me good, and so long as I get a long run in once a week, the CV effort required is doing me good.

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